Upgrades & Modifications

“Well done is better than well said.”

- Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1737

Equipment Upgrades & Modifications

Franklin Scientific employees come from a leading manufacturer of physiological training equipment. Having more than 65 years combined experience in design, manufacturing, and maintenance support of pilot training systems gives us distinct insight into physiological training equipment system/subsystem design meeting current safety standards that can be applied to technology refresh/insertion and obsolescence modifications made to your equipment.

We have design, start-up and troubleshooting experience of electrical systems including large AC and DC motor drive systems, computer monitoring and control systems, audio/video system, and sensors and instrumentation. These system typically integrated Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components, but at times also included custom designed elements, to meet the needs of the various types of physiological pilot training equipment including the following types of systems:

  • Multi-channel Intercom Systems

  • CCTV Monitoring and Recording Systems with multi-window encoding and display

  • Computer/PLC Control Systems and reporting system

  • Control Consoles

  • Servo Control Motion Systems

  • Data Acquisition Systems

  • Various sensors and instrumentation

  • Various types of Medical Monitoring